Crumblebit Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is provided to you by to educate you on what and how information is collected from you to us via our websites, apps or other services (our “services”) and how this information is processed. It is advised to return to this privacy policy to stay informed on future changes to our collecting of your information.

What, when and how do we collect information?

By emailing us at crumblebit[at] you give us permission to collect personally identifiable information. This information can identify you as an Internet user or person. The emails are stored at a trusted third party (Gmail by Google LLC) since we do not have our own email server. We collect your:

You may sign up for our newsletter. Information about you is then stored at a third party (MailerLite). MailerLite is an email marketing company that enables us to create an email list. The email address noreply[at] is used for the email list. Name or username is saved to personalize emails. We collect your:

You can engage with our services or third-party service providers. Then we may collect your:

Since we create apps, they may collect information to be able to run properly. This is information not sent to us but still collected by each individual app. Information like:

Our newer apps may show advertisement. We do not collect any information directly related to ads but the advertisement provider (AdMob owned by Google LLC) does. Information such as:

In accordance with GDPR, we ask for your permission before serving said ads.

Why is information collected?

On and our services we may use information to:

As a child (under the age of 13), may you use our services?

Our services are usable by all ages. This comes with responsibility to protect all age groups. To keep a strong security standard, we will not knowingly or intentionally target children. If you are under the age of 13, do not email us. Let one of your parents or guardians email us instead.

How do we communicate with you?

Our website is our primary way of communicating service updates, improvements and changes. Our services may also be a means to contact you via in service messages or emails. Emails are a way for us to contact you directly, most commonly to:

The email address noreply[at] is a one-way communication, we contact you but you cannot contact us.
The email address crumblebit[at] is a two-way communication, we may contact you after you contact us.

How do you communicate with us?

The best way to contact us is via our email crumblebit[at] Your email is saved when it reaches our inbox. We at do not share, sell or publicise emails with any third party. This includes everything inside and the addresses themselves. We do not establish first contact, nor do we respond with or send you unsolicited content. Look out for emails with questionable content. Do not accept emails from us if you have no business with us. They may not be from us but from someone pretending to be us.

How do you opt-out of our services?

You can stop using our services by uninstalling them and avoid accessing

How do we resolve disputes?

If you have any complaints regarding privacy or information usage described in this privacy policy, you may contact us first. We can investigate and try to resolve any disputes.

What third-party services or corporations may collect your information?

Following is a list of the most prominent (if not all) services and corporations from third parties that may collect information about you when you use our services. The way Internet is connected worldwide we can not guarantee 100% safety or anonymity to your information. Yet, we do our best to keep your information safe. Therefore, the information that you provide to us is not shared, sold or publicised to any third party without your consent. We are not responsible of their practices or privacy policies.